**Currently on a semi-hiatus! I'll be back before too long!**

I'm a Jesus-loving INTJ college student who likes to draw, write, and play video games. I am pursuing a degree in Computer Science.
**The wonderful portrait was sketched by my friend Luna (starsandskyscrapers) and then lined and colored on the computer by yours truly.
--Tag it with my URL if you want me to see it.
--If you want to know something, just ask. Anon or not, I don't mind either way. I promise I don't bite.


"If you take even a single step outside the protective circle you stand in, the Guardians of this realm will wake up and pursue you, Master."

(Source: parellas)

Me: Mom, dad, I'm a keyblade master.

Parents: The bible says Adam and Eve, not Simple and Clean.